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The other day while at work this happened to me and I wonder how many different ways of dealing with the situation there are. So now I’m asking you to tell me:  Read More


Hello everyone,

I’m currently pursuing my BA degree in Hospitality Entrepreneurship in Switzerland and would like to ask you for help with my last project at school, which is entitled “Understanding the coffee consumer in coffee shops across Switzerland – perceived value, behaviour and purchasing motivators”. It’s a short survey, which answered by Swiss residents will help me complete my studies. I would love if you help me out and fill it in!

You can access the survey through this link

Thank you!

I’m in the train going to Benzin und Koffein to collect my competition coffee for the aeropress championship, having time to reminisce about my last year’s experience as a total newbie. It was fun. Well this year it looks like is going to be even more fun. 

For now there are 27 competitors, but the number might go up to 36 if there are enough participants. Organization-wise Bear Brother’s & Cow seem to be doing very good. The competition coffee, which is roasted by Henauer Kaffee, can be picked up in Geneva, Basel or Zurich – very convenient. There are also cool judges coming along. Sounds like a good time, I’m looking forward to it!

Just home from my brew battle in Glattzentrum (you can read about it here). It’s been now a week that I’m brewing and explaining. And I’m happy I took the chance. The/my transition from one side of the brew bar as a consumer to the other as a person from the industry is just mind blowing.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the “transition” these days. There’s always going to be that gap between specialists and consumers and I find fascinating how different their languages can be. This gap other than trying to make it narrower I don’t know what we can do. In that sense I like being the translator between both – trying to set the bar high that it still sparks that interest in people but it’s not that high to be off putting. Read More

For the sake of showing people what specialty coffee is and maybe making filter coffee a bit more popular I took a challenge – the lovely people from Stoll Kaffee roasted some of their specialty coffees and I am doing brewing/tasting/promoting/advising/selling in Globus Glattzentrum (on the first floor, next to the escalators). Glattzentrum if I am not wrong is the biggest shopping center in Switzerland, so you can only imagine the number of people that are passing through it every day. It is a great opportunity for filter coffee to get more attention and as an ambassador of good coffee I am very happy to help. Actually I’ll be there till the end of December, so there’s absolutely no excuse for you to not visit me.

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