Today I went to Luzern to visit Kurt and Marc Haessig, owners of Haessig&Haessig coffee roastery in the town centre (Bruchstrasse 44). Read More


This post can absolutely be called “a day at Sanremo”. Because I was almost the whole day there, but that’s because they have a killer program – Ben Stephens, John Gordon, Sasa Sestic, Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood and Sang Ho Park were among the speakers. Read More

Finally something worth writing for!

I’m on the train to Milan, I’ll be there three days specially for HOST the hospitality exhibition. There is a lot of coffee stuff happening, not to mention that all the cool kids from the industry are going to be there.

A whole lot of presentations and demonstrations – new coffee machines, new coffee grinders, workshops…Actually Sanremo’s program is very promising – John Gordon presenting the new grinder, Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood talking water, Sang Ho Park talking about roasting.

There will be a lot of pictures coming!

I’m in Bath for almost a month now, in Colonna and Small’s. And for these few weeks I’ve tasted a lot of coffees. Probably more different coffees than I’ve tasted all together in my whole life. I’ve written down some of the thoughts I’ve been having about Colonna and Small’s and the way the coffee shop operates. Worth sharing. Read More