This is a list of very useful and interesting links to videos concerning the coffee industry (Please note some of them are not properly referenced). Often a source of inspiration and a subject of discussion. Last update – 21.10.2015

Biology and Coffee: 

Varieties of Coffee (2012) Peter Giuliano. Counter Culture Coffee

Chemistry and Coffee:

Water: The missing part of the flavour puzzle (2014) Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood. Birmingham: Tamper Tantrum

Coffee preparation:

Espresso: Why you hate it, how to fix it (2013) Ben Kaminsky. Nordic Barista Cup
Why we brew how we brew (2012) David Walsh. Nordic Barista Cup
A bit of coffee extraction science (2015) Matt PergerTaipei: Tamper Tantrum

Coffee value chain:

Beyond Wet and Dry: Breaking Paradigms in Coffee Processing (2015) Flavio Borem. SCAA Symposium
Quality is a moving target (2016) Katie Carguilo. Los Angeles: BLOOM

Consumer behaviour:

A deeper understanding of the Specialty Coffee Consumer (2013) Tracy Ging and Nicholas Cho. SCAA Symposium
A new generation of coffee drinkers (2014) Tracy Ging. SCAA Symposium
Understanding the consumer
(2012) Tracy Ging. SCAA Symposium

Design and Coffee:

Constructing Social Spaces: Coffee, Food & Alcohol (2013) Alex Bernson. Nordic Barista Cup

Hospitality and Coffee:

Coffee Bars and the Evolution of Hospitality (2012) Doug Zell. Nordic Barista Cup
Re-Envisioning the Retail Experience
(2012) James Hoffmann. SCAA Symposium

 Sensory science and psychology:

A Sensory Lexicon: The Science of Flavour (2015)  Lindsey Bolger. SCAA Symposium
Experts, Evaluation and Establishing “Good” (2014) Helene Hopfer. SCAA Symposium
Multisensory Experience and Coffee (2014) Charles Spence. SCAA Symposium
Taste what you’re missing (2012) Barb Stuckey. Talks at Google
The necessary beerification of coffee (2016) Sarah Bennett. Los Angeles: BLOOM
The Sensory Spectrum – Looking Beyond Qualitative Analysis (2014) Gail Civille. SCAA Symposium


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