Coffee Science

I’m in Bath for almost a month now, in Colonna and Small’s. And for these few weeks I’ve tasted a lot of coffees. Probably more different coffees than I’ve tasted all together in my whole life. I’ve written down some of the thoughts I’ve been having about Colonna and Small’s and the way the coffee shop operates. Worth sharing. Read More


And the first ever Tamper Tantrum I have witnessed finished two hours ago. We’ve got to hear some incredible talks, which of course will spark a lot of discussions later on in the evening.

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All of the speakers brought up very interesting topics, but my favourite probably will be Chahan Yeretzian’s (University of Zurich) and Christopher Hendon’s (University of Bath) talks, both of them scientists, presenting new studies. Chahan was talking about water, freshness and extraction rates and measuring the attributes of coffee quality, while Christopher was discussing grinding, particle distribution and nuts. Yes, Brazil nuts (those who were there will understand).
Now I’m going to Café Jedna to continue the discussions with my new and not so new friends, but over some Czech beer the set of talks will be a quite different.