Coffee Reflections

The other week I had the chance to be assisting during a Q Graders course, not for Arabica, but for Robusta coffee. The Q coffee system measures and standardises quality for Specialty grade Arabica and for Fine Robusta coffees.  The Robusta programme designed from the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) and the Uganda Coffee Development Authority (UCDA) exists from 2010 and by far there are around 185 Robusta graders around the world. The course was held at Bernhard Rothfos Intercafé in Zug Switzerland with instructor Clare Rwakatogoro. It was the first Q Robusta course held in Europe, needless to say – extremely interesting. Read More


I’m in Bath for almost a month now, in Colonna and Small’s. And for these few weeks I’ve tasted a lot of coffees. Probably more different coffees than I’ve tasted all together in my whole life. I’ve written down some of the thoughts I’ve been having about Colonna and Small’s and the way the coffee shop operates. Worth sharing. Read More

Just home from my brew battle in Glattzentrum (you can read about it here). It’s been now a week that I’m brewing and explaining. And I’m happy I took the chance. The/my transition from one side of the brew bar as a consumer to the other as a person from the industry is just mind blowing.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the “transition” these days. There’s always going to be that gap between specialists and consumers and I find fascinating how different their languages can be. This gap other than trying to make it narrower I don’t know what we can do. In that sense I like being the translator between both – trying to set the bar high that it still sparks that interest in people but it’s not that high to be off putting. Read More

A career in coffee. How does this sound to you? In many countries it even doesn’t  exist. I mean, what exactly is it? Just making coffee? How can this be a career?

In many consuming countries a “coffee career” means just working at a cafè as waiting staff and that’s it. There is no such a thing as a career in coffee, the word barista doesn’t exist too. The person responsible for the coffee drinks is also responsible Read More