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Finally something worth writing for!

I’m on the train to Milan, I’ll be there three days specially for HOST the hospitality exhibition. There is a lot of coffee stuff happening, not to mention that all the cool kids from the industry are going to be there.

A whole lot of presentations and demonstrations – new coffee machines, new coffee grinders, workshops…Actually Sanremo’s program is very promising – John Gordon presenting the new grinder, Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood talking water, Sang Ho Park talking about roasting.

There will be a lot of pictures coming!

So after some months of just looking at mischievous Facebook posts and reading news about interesting new coffee shops being opened in Bulgaria I finally got to visit some. The past weekend I was in Sofia (my birthplace, for those wondering) . I cannot help but compare in my mind the both coffee scenes – in Switzerland and in Bulgaria, but truth is they are on so different levels that it doesn’t make sense to do it. And still, things in Bulgaria are slowly starting to happen! Even though I’m pretty excited I’ll be objective as I can and share my experiences and impressions with you.

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Swiss Coffee Championships are over and I feel inspired and motivated again. Well of course I wouldn’t call it my best experience ever (because I got my ass kicked in Brewers Cup) but the learning process during the preparation for the competition was absolutely stunning. It’s just that when there’s a competition that means you’re working towards a goal and more or less you concentrate in one area of the enormous coffee knowledge, at least that’s what happened to me. Read More