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I finally paid a visit to the Roesterei Kaffee & Bar in Bern (Güterstrasse 6, 3008 Bern). Located outside of the city centre so it’s more of a destination than a regular coffee bar. The place has opened in October 2014 and is run by Blasercafé – one of the bigger coffee roasting companies in Switzerland. I stumbled inside the café to be warmly welcomed by Gap, one of the baristi. Read More

So after some months of just looking at mischievous Facebook posts and reading news about interesting new coffee shops being opened in Bulgaria I finally got to visit some. The past weekend I was in Sofia (my birthplace, for those wondering) . I cannot help but compare in my mind the both coffee scenes – in Switzerland and in Bulgaria, but truth is they are on so different levels that it doesn’t make sense to do it. And still, things in Bulgaria are slowly starting to happen! Even though I’m pretty excited I’ll be objective as I can and share my experiences and impressions with you.

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