Zurich coffee scene 2016 – a recap

The most recent happenings on the coffee scene in Zurich.

Some coffee shops have opened for business, others have closed:

October 2016 – COFFEE – the child of Shem Leupin and Thomas Leuenberger.

October 2016 – Boréal Coffee Shop – opened their first store in Zurich, managed by Phillip English.

September 2016 – ACID – Kaspar Fenkart’s second coffee related child, after Sport Bar.

Closed in August 2016 – Benzin & Koffein – closed, but Denise and Simone continue to roast (as Gipfelstürmer) and from what I hear there is going to be a surprise coming soon.

March 2016 – BANK – under the wing of Benjamin Prager – co-founder of Bear Brothers & Cow.

September 2015 – Auer & Co part of the co-working space Impact Hub – Colab, under the watch of the other brother from Bear Brothers & Cow – KaiKeong Ng.

And not to forget also to mention:
MilchbarCafé Henrici;  Grande, Bovelli and RaymondapoTHEKE and PURO;

There are also some new under construction projects like:

Bros Beans & Beats – a coffee shop opening soon in Kreis 4.

MAME – meaning “bean” from Japanese – a training/cupping room & café with owners Emi Fukahori and Mathieu Theis.

You can tell me what am I missing in the comments below.

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  1. Ingo said:

    Thank you for this great overview, Elena. wow, so mich going on in Zurich These days! May I mention in Addition, that The Roast Rebels opened a Shop for Home Roasters in Oktober:

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