Moved to the next base

I’m working at a coffee roastery from a bit more than a month now. 

In the beginning of March I started working at Stoll Kaffee in Zurich. I am responsible for quality and consistency of the roasted coffee, that means constant cuppings and tastings. I am also assisting during roasting and hopefuly I’ll be able to roast on my own soon. Lots and lots of learning, immensely compelling and challenging.


I like the change from working in the hospitality industry as a barista to working in roasting. As a coffee-interested person I would love to at least get aquainted with each stage of the coffee value chain and this change of industries is providing me with a  different set of opportunities to take advantage of and greater goals to work towards.I believe working as a barista is essential for gaining specific for the market customer insights, understanding the problems baristas are facing every day, developing skills and understanding the technicalities and peculiarities of running a coffee shop, but for developing coffee knowledge and palate I highly recommend working in production. For this purpose working in a renown multi-roaster specialty coffee shop also might work (I have Colonna&Small’s in mind), but I don’t know many places working on this high level and having such an output. Coming from a hospitality background, the job switch was a bit akward in the beginning, but it’s easy to adapt. Now for the first time I can spend more time on what interests me – experimentinting, tasting, roasting – and I can find time to do it without interuption, isn’t that great! Suddenly, from aims like surviving the next shift I started having goals like roasting a given coffee in a way that it’s perfectly developed and tastes amazing. Working towards your ideals is the most rewarding career move I believe. I’m so happy to have found coffee!


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