Coffee sourcing – revolutionized

Recently I had the pleasure to meet and have a chat with Christian Burri, one of algrano‘s co-founders. Algrano is an online platform through which coffee farmers and roasters around the globe connect with each other and do business. Farmers from selected origins can make a profile on algrano, upload pictures from the farms and sell their product online. While roasters in Europe can browse and source coffee easily. The coffees on offer can be filtered by price, variety, cupping score, process type, flavour, producer and quantity available. Of course samples are also available (if you inquire early enough). Containers from each origin have a set date till which bean purchases can be made, after that the container is  shipped to Europe.

The proccess takes some time though. The farmers’ coffee has not been oficially Q-cerified, but is cupped by licensed Q-graders usually from the cooperative or the exporter they are working with. The best part is there is a Q-grader within algrano’s team – Gilles Brunner, who without a doubt is also involved the cupping and grading. The coffees on offer are ranging from 83 to 87 points.

 DSC09170 (2).jpg

Christian Burri, co-founder

So far, algrano have been working with regions from Nicaragua and Brazil (Minas Gerais, Espirito Santo). The containers with green coffee are travelling to Bremen, Germany and from their to roasters around Europe. For now the market is concentrated mainly in Germany and Switzerland.

The benefits of this new type of coffee sourcing are quite significant and it’s good to be considered – pricing is transparent and attractive for both sides, farmers and roasters both know what is happening with the coffee at any given time of its travel. Algrano is also making coffee farming a bit more attractive for younger farmers as it is modernizing it. It can even act as a deterrent of youth migration to cities.


This is the current container


Among their short-term goals is providing a full year of green coffee supply  on algrano by adding another origin. Long-term it will be very interesting to see their expansion to other continents as well.




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