Haessig&Haessig Coffee Roasters, Luzern

Today I went to Luzern to visit Kurt and Marc Haessig, owners of Haessig&Haessig coffee roastery in the town centre (Bruchstrasse 44).And when I say small I mean very small, they roast around 20kg per week on a Coffeetool R5 roaster with capacity of 7,5kg, using Artisan for their profiles and to log information on. They officially started roasting in August 2015, but actually they’ve been roasting before on a small Quest M3 roaster. Kurt says they are always learning and trying to improve their roasting. And it’s easy to believe him – they clearly are interested, lots of coffee books lying around the roastery, attending courses and workshops.


At the moment in their tiny assortment they have San Juan sur de Tobosi, Costa Rica, a honey processed caturra roasted for filter coffee and Lomas al Rio, Costa Rica, washed caturra and catuai roasted for espresso. There are also two blends on offer one is only Arabica from Costa Rica, Peru and Brazil, the other one is 60% Arabica 40% Robusta. The roasts are on the dark side, especially the espresso, and it clearly works for them.

For the moment they have only one bigger client and that’s the café next door. Isn’t that a bit romantic? I love the idea of having such a small business, there are numerous possibilities for development and many difficulties of course, but it’s the idea of having everything under your own control that lures me.

Coffee-wise Luzern is definitely running after Zurich and Basel, but I’m happy there are things happening around here. Next step would be a café serving filter coffee. Or maybe that’s still a bit too wild?

Oh, and one last thing – on the 28th of November they are having an open doors day, so everybody can go visit between 10am and 4pm. There is an event in Facebook you can check it out here. Thank you for having me Kurt and Marc, it was very interesting to see you roast and have a chat with you!


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