Test and Taste a.k.a. Brewing Professional

The last two days I’ve been in Milan attending a Brewing Professional course part from SCAE’s Coffee Diploma System conducted by Tim Sturk.

The course as I said was dense – we were moving through the brewing parameters, discussing and testing each one of them. It was not so much of a teacher – students situation, but more like a discussion between people from the industry who know what they’re doing, have the sufficient experience to understand the problems they are facing and eventually resolve them and make conclusions. I personally love getting into the science of coffee, because it gives me data to hold on to. But the beauty is that even that you have this data and scientific laws and theories at the end it comes to taste. That’s something I tend to forget, I don’t seem to know where’s the border between healthy perfectionism and pointless stubbornness. Oh well…
  From all of the topics my favourite was water and I’m very happy we actually spent some time on it with guest speaker Sergio Barbarisi from BWT Water. It was extremely interesting, but I’m afraid it wasn’t enough for me. Hopefully, a water module from  the SCAE applicable to professional brewers and baristi will be released soon and will tell us a whole lot on the topic.
Coffee is so exciting to work with, there is always something new that’s happening in the industry – new technologies, brewing techniques, new researches and it seems the uncharted territories are never-ending. I love it. And if there are still people who think professional is the end I can wholeheartedly tell them – that’s only the beginning.
And of course, thanks to everyone who were there for the course – Tim Sturk, Davide Cobelli, Sergio Barbarisi, Annemarie Tiemes, Luigi Lupi, Mariano Semino, Eddy Righi – it was a pleasure to brew with you!
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  1. Dear Elena,thanks to you for all and the Bypass formula was simply amazing!!! 🙂
    See you soon


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