Roesterei Kaffee & Bar, Bern

I finally paid a visit to the Roesterei Kaffee & Bar in Bern (Güterstrasse 6, 3008 Bern). Located outside of the city centre so it’s more of a destination than a regular coffee bar. The place has opened in October 2014 and is run by Blasercafé – one of the bigger coffee roasting companies in Switzerland. I stumbled inside the café to be warmly welcomed by Gap, one of the baristi.  He gave me a tour of the building – apart from the café they have a very well equipped training facility where they conduct courses and other group events, a coffee roasting area and an area where they sell diverse equipment.

From a design point of view the place is very attractive – industrial, simpler design…(I’m not very good with design descriptors, am I) It’s got “the look” of a specialty coffee shop. They also have a lot of coffee to try out, as I found out myself. All the coffee is roasted by Blasercafé. Espresso – they have a houseblend consisting of coffee from Brazil, Guatemala, Ethiopia and India and they also offer single origin espresso from Blasercafé’s specialty line – Terroir. But of course these more interesting beans have no espresso grinder on their own, they are being specially weighed and ground on the EK43 before being pulled with the help of the La Marzocco GB5. As a whole the Swiss are not yet keen on single origin coffees, but good is that in the Roesterei the baristi (Michal Otte, Sandra Stucki and Gijtipong “Gap” Thangsubutr) are knowledgable and willingly spend time communicating with their guests, or as Gap himself said – building the connection between coffee and consumer.

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The Roesterei offers different coffee extraction methods – v60, kalita, syphon, chemex and frenchpress. They also offer cold drip coffee, which at the moment is Kecho Tirtira from Ethiopia. Their homemade ice teas are delicious – hibiscus black tea and jasmine green tea.

Thanks Gap, it was a pleasure visiting you at the Roesterei, next time all keep my eyes open for Michal and Sandra 🙂


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