Crazy Swiss Aeropress Championship 2015

Oh, yes we had fun. There were a lot of people, coffee and beer in the perfect proportions. 

The competition started off with 9 heats from which there were 9 people continuing to the next round, then 3 people and then bam! The final was between Felix Hohlmann (team Basel) – runner up barista at the championship this year, Kai Keong (team Zurich) – last year’s aeropress champion and Etienne Rat-Patron (team Geneva) – who took part in Brewers cup this year. I really liked the fact that people from all over Switzerland took  part in it, it gives the impression that there area lot of coffee people in Switzerland. 

Our new (and old) aeropress champion is Kai Keong from Bear Brother’s and Cow! Congrats! He goes to Seattle for the world championship! Good luck Kai!

  1. It is always fun to read your comments about this coffee world so new and exotic to me. Just reading your blog made me go to the kitchen to prepare a coffee for myself.
    And of course, I am looking for a physical place in Zurich where I can buy my first Aeropress. If not found soon, I will order it online.

    Thank you and keep up the good work here.


    • Hi sisachosudo 🙂 thanks for the kind words!
      These are three possible places where you can buy an aeropress in Zurich:

      Café Noir – Neugasse 33, 8005 Zürich
      Benzin&Koffein – Aemtlerstrasse 48, 8003 Zürich
      Milchbar – Kappelergasse 16, 8001 Zürich


      • Amazing information! I spent this morning a couple of hours in Google trying to find a place to buy an AeroPress in Zurich but I wasn’t lucky and resigned myself to order it on Amazon.
        You just made my day!!

        Tomorrow will be a shopping day 🙂

        Thanks a lot Elena.


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