Monthly Archives: March 2015

Oh, yes we had fun. There were a lot of people, coffee and beer in the perfect proportions. 

The competition started off with 9 heats from which there were 9 people continuing to the next round, then 3 people and then bam! The final was between Felix Hohlmann (team Basel) – runner up barista at the championship this year, Kai Keong (team Zurich) – last year’s aeropress champion and Etienne Rat-Patron (team Geneva) – who took part in Brewers cup this year. I really liked the fact that people from all over Switzerland took  part in it, it gives the impression that there area lot of coffee people in Switzerland. 

Our new (and old) aeropress champion is Kai Keong from Bear Brother’s and Cow! Congrats! He goes to Seattle for the world championship! Good luck Kai!


I’m in the train going to Benzin und Koffein to collect my competition coffee for the aeropress championship, having time to reminisce about my last year’s experience as a total newbie. It was fun. Well this year it looks like is going to be even more fun. 

For now there are 27 competitors, but the number might go up to 36 if there are enough participants. Organization-wise Bear Brother’s & Cow seem to be doing very good. The competition coffee, which is roasted by Henauer Kaffee, can be picked up in Geneva, Basel or Zurich – very convenient. There are also cool judges coming along. Sounds like a good time, I’m looking forward to it!