Swiss Coffee Championships 2015 – results

Swiss Coffee Championships are over and I feel inspired and motivated again. Well of course I wouldn’t call it my best experience ever (because I got my ass kicked in Brewers Cup) but the learning process during the preparation for the competition was absolutely stunning. It’s just that when there’s a competition that means you’re working towards a goal and more or less you concentrate in one area of the enormous coffee knowledge, at least that’s what happened to me.

This year the Swiss coffee championships were with over 60 participants in all four categories. And there were definitely some surprises. First place in the Barista category – Emi Fukahori supported by Henauer Kaffee. She’s a lovely girl, I have the pleasure to know her – passionate for coffee, but had never worked with it,  decides to compete last summer and here you go. Either she was really good or all other coffee professionals were really bad, or maybe the both. Anyway, it’s a big thing and everybody can learn something from it. At the end it’s a game and whoever gets the most points wins. I’m sure we’ll all agree here, but I know people tend to forget (me including). 2nd – Felix Hohlmann and 3rd Michel Aeschbacher. Congrats once again!

In Latte art my dear friend Milo Kamil of Cafè Grande, Zürich took the gold, 2nd Philippe Gobat and 3rd Mathieu Theis. Congrats 🙂

In Brewers Cup 1st and 2nd place – Benjamin Prager and Kai Keong Ng of Bear Brothers & Cow, Zurich, 3rd Florian Wicki of Café Frühling in Basel. Well done!

Cup tasting – Mathias Bühler second year in a row gets the gold, 2nd is Anthony Bessant and 3rd – Anne Mathieu. Congratulations 🙂


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