(new) beginnings

Suddenly it’s this time of the year when everybody looks back and tries to see what have they done through the past 12 months. For the past year I’ve reached my goal – I went to many coffee events and met many coffee people. I made a lot of connections and a few but really valuable relationships. And I’m not done yet, with that difference that next year will be dedicated to me learning and developing skills. More knowledge, more skills, more confidence, more coffee. 

It’s not a secret I am going to compete in the Swiss brewing championships in February in St Gallen. It’s going to be fun, I’m really looking forward to it. Also I’m going to be working for a while in one café in Zurich that is soon to be open and not to forget that at the moment I’m at Glatt shopping centre in Walliselen, promoting Stoll Kaffee’s specialty coffee. Having the opportunity to connect with consumers in an environment different than a coffee shop is an amazing experience – no stress, it’s just you, me and the coffee.

Anyway, this upcoming year is going to be a tough one. And I cannot wait for it to begin already. Room 409 has already changed – there has not been a coffee shop review from quite some time now, is it. To be honest, it has to be something really special for me to write about it. I think I’ll write more for my findings and conclusions during my coffee adventures. Otherwise I’ll stick to my learning schedule and practice. I don’t want to leave things to happen by chance, but then coffee is not like maths, you know. I’m not saying that mathematics is a simple science, but there at least is only one answer. Where in coffee…maybe a few more than one.

I wish you happy holidays!


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