That’s the way…

Just home from my brew battle in Glattzentrum (you can read about it here). It’s been now a week that I’m brewing and explaining. And I’m happy I took the chance. The/my transition from one side of the brew bar as a consumer to the other as a person from the industry is just mind blowing.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the “transition” these days. There’s always going to be that gap between specialists and consumers and I find fascinating how different their languages can be. This gap other than trying to make it narrower I don’t know what we can do. In that sense I like being the translator between both – trying to set the bar high that it still sparks that interest in people but it’s not that high to be off putting.

I really worry for those people who bought specialty coffee and didn’t try it or didn’t let me explain what they’re buying. I hope they’re not very disappointed.

I thought I should share with you how exactly I lure people into the specialty trap. It’s Shem Leupin, the roaster’s recommendation to brew not only from the specialties but also from one conventional coffee that we sell, so that people can compare. So I start with the traditional, dark roasted one (many people have never heard of filter coffee) and then I make them compare it with one of the exceptional, exclusive and extraordinary specialties we have. And the result might not be always a sale, but I’ve shown and have explained what all the fuss is about. And there is one more person in Switzerland that knows what specialty coffee is. I should start counting!


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