Battling windmills in Glattzentrum

For the sake of showing people what specialty coffee is and maybe making filter coffee a bit more popular I took a challenge – the lovely people from Stoll Kaffee roasted some of their specialty coffees and I am doing brewing/tasting/promoting/advising/selling in Globus Glattzentrum (on the first floor, next to the escalators). Glattzentrum if I am not wrong is the biggest shopping center in Switzerland, so you can only imagine the number of people that are passing through it every day. It is a great opportunity for filter coffee to get more attention and as an ambassador of good coffee I am very happy to help. Actually I’ll be there till the end of December, so there’s absolutely no excuse for you to not visit me.

The coffees are gorgeous! From Equador, El Salvador and Ethiopia – very lively and fruity, each one with it’s unique flavours and aromas. I’m using french press and V60 – keeping it simple.

The challenge is a bit tricky, it is not just selling, but selling right. Making sure people can get at home at least similar results of what they’ve tried at Globus. Making sure people understand the goal of specialty coffee, the strive to produce something better and out of the ordinary. It’s all about evoking interest towards coffee.


Yes, there are the people who want to learn more, with whom you can have long discussions about coffee, the people who don’t really care, but for some reason are standing there demanding attention and my personal favorites – the ones who come to my stand to tell me how should I drink coffee and that I’m doing everything wrong. But don’t worry, if you have read till here then you most likely are from the first type. But it would be best if you come by Glattzentrum so we can check together 🙂

  1. Victor.L said:

    Some people do not find the acidity in light roasted coffee appealing so you have an uphill battle especially with the older generation who are used to drinking coffee with emphasis on body (Medium/dark roasts) not acidy (light roasts).


    • Yes, I am fully aware of that Victor, you got the name of the post. But to be honest I’m not so worried. People’s preferences are changing slowly but surely 🙂 the first step would be to get them introduced to the light roast. They need explanation as for why the coffee has acidity, why does it have a “weird taste”. Only then they will be able to understand it.


  2. Someone on used the explanation “that is how the coffee fruit tastes like”, and I think it’s a good way to make people think about coffee differently.

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    • True that Dizzy….but it’s really interesting what’s happening, how people are reacting and what they say about the coffee. But I’m going to right a proper post about it! Coming soon!


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