It’s been a year

1 year, 110 blogposts, 440 followers, a thousand new coffee friends, countless coffee cuppings, an awful lot of coffee adventures. And that’s because of you! Every one of you that reads Room 409! THANK YOU!

Room 409 has gone a long way, I am amazed at how quickly circumstances change and how many opportunities arise for me to grab along the way of a coffee enthusiast. The beginning was the funniest – I didn’t know anything about coffee. Anything, nor anyone from the coffee business. And now I am hooked up more than ever before, striving for more coffee knowledge. I am not the same anymore, therefore Room 409 is also evolving. When I look at some of my first posts…I am not deleting them only because I want to remember where have I started, but I find them quite amusing 😀

In other words, it seems like Room 409 met all the objectives (connecting me with the coffee industry) and helped me achieve more than I had ever expected. I really would like to say thank you to some amazing people that have helped me and continue to help me develop knowledge and understanding about coffee and give me these amazing coffee opportunities. These are Milo Kamil – the exceptional barista of Café Grande; Nina Rimpl – Swiss Barista Champion 2014, who I had the amazing chance to support all the way to Rimini this year; Philipp Henauer – Head of Education of the Swiss Chapter of the SCAE and managing director of Henauer Kaffee; and last but definitely not least Florian Amann and Shem Leupin from Stoll Kaffee. Thank you!

It has been an amazing year, I really look forward to the next one!


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