First contact

The food lovers’ trade show Gourmesse is over.

Four days of very intensive brewing and learning, talking and explaining. It was a bit tiring, but actually I made the “first contact” with the average Swiss coffee drinker (from the barista’s point of view I mean). I have to say I am not in any way surprised of the situation in Switzerland and to illustrate it I’ll just cite a little conversation which repeated itself several times during the event.

A customer comes to me at the brew bar – “Can I have a coffee please?”
“Would you like filter coffee?”
“Oh no no filter. A normal one.”

A normal one… Anyway, we managed to talk to as many people as we can and to share the coffee love (especially to show what filter coffee is). And except my increased knowledge and skill in coffee brewing (I’ve brewed more than 60 liters of filter coffee!) I also learned another thing – don’t ever talk to Italians about coffee. There’s absolutely no point in doing that…


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