Swiss Coffee Fun with European Coffee Trip

he European Coffee Trip were in Switzerland and I got to meet them!

Yesterday I went to Campesino Coffee Roasters to meet (finally!) Ales and Radek from the European Coffee Trip. The Bear Brothers were there as well. There were a lot of pictures taken, videos and seriously, I don’t know how do these guys process all these information from these cafés, cause it’s a lot! We talked quite a bit about coffee through Europe and we agreed that Switzerland is quite different from countries in Eastern Europe like Hungary, Poland and Czech Republic. The cafés where they really care about the coffee, here in Switzerland…I can count them on my fingers, and we haven’t even started talking about specialty coffee. But luckily, there are people who want to change this.

Yesterday evening we went to Henauer Kaffee, one of the few roasteries in Switzerland that roast specialty coffee, and cupped 12 different coffees from around the world. Philipp Henauer was the moderator of the session, so to say. Some of the coffees were roasted on sight, some brought from the Czech Republic (Rebelbean, La Boheme). There were some good coffees on the table. I took it more as an exercise and am happy with what I got from the coffees, but still it is very hard to put taste in words.

With a cupping spoon in hand. And then you ask me why was I nervous?

Radek, showing some serious photography skills. With a cupping spoon in hand. And then you ask me why was I nervous?

At the cupping I met the entrepreneur, consultant, photographer and fellow blogger Kevin Rechtsteiner, who not so long time ago sent me some coffee beans. He was there with his camera, taking pictures, you know, Radek was also taking pictures. Me? I was nervous 😀 Unfortunately, I’m no photographer, but I definitely recommend to check out Kevin’s blog, there’s coffee there also. So please don’t ask me why there are so little pictures from the cupping.




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