Café Bovelli, Zurich

Less then a week ago Café Bovelli in Zurich opened for business!

Exciting news for people of Zurich and hopefully not only for them! Bovelli, located in the District 1 – Sihlstrasse 20, opened last week and they are already quite busy. You’ll probably find there some familiar faces, because this café is run by the same guys that run Café Grande and Bar Dante, so what can I say…expectations are high. Not only from the coffee side, but cocktailwise as well. I wish you all the best, guys!

For now the espresso machine they are using is Dalla Corte Evolution, their roaster is Henauer Kaffee. As for the coffee itself, they offer a blend from 90% arabica and 10% robusta, a pulped natural from Fazenda Dona Nenem, Brazil (the standard coffee) and a natural – Wote Konga from Ethiopia, which is by the way this year’s Swiss Barista Champion Nina Rimpl’s coffee.

Here are some pictures:


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