Café frühling, Basel

A dear place of mine and of many other coffeeloving people too. Indeed a post that had to be written long time ago.

 Café frühling (meaning spring in German) is a wonderful place at Klybeckstrasse 69 in Basel where you can have breakfast during the whole day (that’s their motto) and you can have, guess what – coffee!

Café frühling is the “child” of unternehmen mitte, which I don’t know how to describe exactly, but I’ll try. Unternehmen mitte is a commercial enterprise used as a platform for arts, music, design, debates and creativity as a whole, housed in the old building of what once was the national bank in Basel. There is also a very big coffeehouse there, but due to the busy nature of the city center there’s no time for personalized service or pourover coffee and that’s what led to establishment of café frühling a bit more than a year ago. Since then there were numerous events held in the café, like a latte art TNT and even the first Swiss Aeropress Championship.

They are one of the few cafés in Switzerland that serve filter coffee. There’s a variety of brewing methods offered – kalitta, V60, aeropress, siphon, sometimes cold drip and of course an espresso machine La Marzocco Strada. The beans used for filter coffee are specialty, still on the lighter side of the roast and mostly come from Kaffischmitte in Langnau and Stoll Kaffee in Zurich.

Everybody from their team loves coffee and is educated in that area, which I find very important and essential for working with it. And I don’t know if you’ll agree with me, but when people do something they love, you can see it and this passion attracts people.



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