Hangover from coffee?

That obviously is not the right word – the feeling is somehow similar, but I am not complaining! Today was the first from two days of some serious brewing in the Kaffeemacher Kaffeeakademie in Basel – Brewing and Grinding Intermediate, validated by the SCAE.

It was so much fun, I absolutely love brewing coffee and learning about it (just saying, in case it’s not obvious yet). As I said, the course is being held in the Kaffeeakademie, taught by André Strittmater of Hochstrasser and Benjamin Hohlmann, who I don’t know how to introduce to you, because he’s doing so many things, but almost all of them have to do with coffee – he is the Swiss Brewers Cup Champion of this year.

Apart from the theory we had to do a lot of brewing exercises – some of the exercises I know it’s good to do, because they’ll make me understand the process better, but coffee in room 409 is sacred and I don’t want to use it up on experiments. Anyway, the experiment I was talking about was making three different brews, each with different TDS and say which one is which only by tasting. I totally love this.

Anyway, tomorrow there are some exercises with water and the exam. It will be fun!

And tomorrow I’ll upload some photos too!


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