Discover the secret syphonist in you

with these two easy steps:1. Attend the Swiss Coffee Syphon Challenge Workshop this Sunday (31st of August) from 10AM in Kialoa’s Barista Atelier at Kamorstrasse 5, Rorschach.

2. Take part at the first ever Swiss Coffee Syphon Challenge again on same day, same place from 3PM!

World Siphonist Championships

As far as I know, it depends on the success of this challenge if the Swiss will ever get to the point to send someone to the World Siphonist Championship, so it is important (you can register by sending an email to ). Hopp Schwiiz !

The event is organised by Micha Schranz in conjunction with Out of the Box by Kialoa, which these year will be kind of special. Do you know why? It’s Kialoa’s 10th birthday! See? Another reason to stop by! For the unenlightened – Kialoa is André Kissling’s and Adrian Lottenbach’s baby – mainly a coffee equipment retailer. 

There are also interesting people going to the event like Swiss Barista Champion 2014 Nina Rimpl, Swiss Brewers Cup Champion 2014 Benjamin Hohlmann (who both of them are going to make coffee, don’t worry), also some important people from La Marzocco will be there – Enrico Wurm, after sales manager and Guido Bernardinelli, CEO of La Marzocco. The full program you can see here



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