“Coffee competence” and how to get it

Around three years ago the Specialty Coffee Association of Europe (SCAE) released a new education system –  the Coffee Diploma. This system consists of courses put together into modules, studying different areas of coffee and everything around it. Now this comes as something new here in Switzerland, since the courses have been translated not so long time ago and this summer is the launch of the Coffee Diploma System in German (I believe in French too). Speaking of which, this upcoming weekend I’m going to attend a SCAE course in Basel in the Kaffeeamacher-Akademie – Brewing and Grinding Intermediate. It will be fun, did I mention it’s going to be in German? Well…I think I did. I will definitely post some photos and share my experience.


There are no longer the well-known levels 1 and 2, the divisions are Foundation, Intermediate and Professional, they have given values in credits and whoever gets hundred credits earns a Coffee Diploma, which signifies that you’ve been through all the courses that SCAE offers. I am not saying attending courses is the only option to learn about coffee, but if you’re collecting certificates(diplomas) for whatever reason, you should get them from the SCAE, as this is the ultimate coffee authority. It’s good to know that organization like this exists, it will save you some time and maybe even money. On the other hand if you would like to do a course and don’t need your qualifications to be put on paper you can take a course which is not certified from the SCAE. Such courses are offered at some coffee roasteries and coffee shops, but treat these with caution.

  1. Dear Elena. Thank you for promoting CDS courses. Already 15’000 CDS certificates issued. Now about 1000 per month!


    • You’re welcome, Heinz. In the end, we’re all fighting for the same cause, right 🙂


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