European Coffee Trip

A new exciting project has been launched that deserves your attention!

The European Coffee Trip is an ambitious project from two energetic young guys from the Czech republic – Ales Pospisil and Radek Nozicka. The idea is to map as much notable cafés in Europe as possible and this way to gather coffee enthusiasts interested in the specialty coffee culture throughout Europe. Brave and determined these two guys already started their journey and it definitely is something to keep a track on.

I met Ales for the first time at the Czech Coffee Cupping in Zurich, he is also the founder of Zurich Coffee Club and he was volunteering at WOC this year in Rimini. Now I’m very pleased to see him creating new adventures around coffee, he really has a passion about it. As for Radek, I don’t know him, but he’s guy making the footage and the photos and damn…these pictures look sexy! You should definitely check their videos out too! They are stunning!

So far they have been to Brno, Bratislava, Budapest and Prague and surprisingly there are quite a lot of coffee places to visit and things to see along their way. Of course after every city there’s a ton of data to be processed, but I’ve had the pleasure to talk with Ales and compromising the quality is not in their options, so don’t worry, the boys are working like crazy. There are more cities to come in August and they would also like to present at the first Dublin Coffee and Tea Festival in September. Also check out their awesome video from Brno!

The European Coffee Trip Facebook page is regularly being updated, so you’ll know where they are and also don’t be afraid to comment or message to give them tips if they are coming to your town or why not even inviting them to your city and be a part from the European Coffee Trip!


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