Attention Home Baristi

We all know it’s a pain to find high quality coffee beans in Switzerland, especially when we talk about imported specialty coffee, but since yesterday the solution to all your coffee problems has been launched, namely Bear Brothers and Cow’s new online shop!

Since Bear Brothers and Cow closed their doors back in May our access to specialty beans from foreign roasters (and not only) became…complicated. And since then beans from roasters like Bonanza and The Barn required quite the creativity to obtain, that’s why I am very happy about Bear Brothers’ new web shop. Because, let’s say it, it’s not just a simple import that we are looking for, and if you’re not passionate enough to do it right, better not do it at all. Bear Brothers do it and they take it very seriously – you can see it from their new sophisticated webpage and shop at .

In addition to the seasonal variety of high quality beans, Bear Brothers offer a selection of the best equipment for brewing coffee at home and the best cups and mugs to enjoy it from. As for their new location – yes, it will be in Zurich, and yes, they will stay loyal to coffee. For the coffee enthusiast location isn’t so much of an importance as their willingness to stay with coffee and not get drowned in whipped cream and caramel sauce (which I’m sure they will not), but still if they find a new location it will be better.



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