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Sad but true…based on my experience, this is what you get in most of the restaurants and cafés in Switzerland.

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As this year’s WoC was the first the blog ( I ) attended and gained this, uhm…”international exposure”  I’ve got to see a lot of exciting things and meet a lot of exciting people. One of the countries that surprised me in Rimini was Greece and more specifically Taf Coffee Roastery based in Athens. After a bit of research on my part I discovered they are one of the leading specialty coffee roasters in Greece and actually are quite known for what they do (and I was just lacking knowledge).

Stefanos Domatiotis from Taf won the first place in World Brewers Cup Championship, participating with a washed geisha from Ninety Plus roasted by Taf’s roast master. Stefanos controlled all the parameters such as the water’s TDS, the grind as well as the water’s stable temperature during the brew and made a perfect cup. And a week ago you could try his coffee at Nora Smahelova’s (since she was judging) café Chapter One in Berlin, it might not be available anymore though. Anyway, I couldn’t see his performance but…

In the Barista category Stefanos  coached Chris Loukakis, participant among 54 countries, and he actually got the 3rd place. Chris used three different coffee varieties, for his espressos he used a red catuai from the farm Baquelito in Coban, Guatemala, for his cappuccinos he used a pacamara from Santa Ana, Guatemala – both washed processed coffees. For his signature drink, Chris used a natural geisha from Panama.


Taf is definitely on my list so as soon as I get to Greece I plan to pay them a proper visit!