The actual room 409

The Roomies are together again for another 6 months in the actual room 409. We’re back at our hotel school and resume our studies. Unfortunately, for the Room 409 blog this 6 months would mean a bit quieter period – new posts every once a week or so. School is getting tough from the subjects’ point of view – studying more and harder, and from the financial point of view, because I won’t have the income to support the blog like before. There will be fewer posts and not so much traveling.

Traveling ? Ah, yes this reminds me, I will be able to go to the International Barista & Latte Art Championships of Tirol, 15-18 September in Innsbruck, Austria. The competitions will be held in conjunction with the Hotel and Restaurant Trade Fair Alpine Superior. It will be interesting to meet coffee people from the region and also there will be quite strong Swiss presence I think…also there’s going to be this competition Cafetiér of the Year, presented by Goran Huber, which is a quite new thing. This will be the second time it takes place, it’s something like a game of delivering F&B service, but everything will be evolving around coffee. I myself don’t know what is it going to be, that’s why I’m curious.

Another thing that doesn’t deserve a whole post, but I would like to share with you, is that I am very proud of my roomies Snehaa and Karla. We started this blog together last year, then had to separate in January, but I continued learning about coffee and now that we are back together they are picking up quite fast. They started drinking black by their own choice(!) I haven’t said anything. We’re also doing small cuppings and we even practice latte art. The espresso machine here is a Rancilio, Epoca – an old model in a very bad state. Probably haven’t been through a proper maintenance in ages…and the grinders are also in a critical condition…I really cannot imagine that I have drunk from that coffee last year. Disgusting.

Anyway, when there is more to rant about, I am not going to be shy, I’ll write that’s for sure. You also don’t have to be shy and if you have something to tell me or just want to say hi you know how right? There’s the contact button up there in the menu 🙂



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