Cafethek, Bern

Last week while traveling around Switzerland I accidentally stumbled upon something very cool and interesting in Bern. It was Saturday morning so me and a friend were just checking out the food market where I saw a  guy selling coffee beans. I have to admit, I didn’t pay much attention, but then I saw some serious grinders and an expensive espresso machine and immediately thought there should be a reason for these babies to be there, so I went back a bit to discover Cafethek – Lukas Niederhauser’s passion towards coffee.Cafethek, Lukas Niederhauser

Cafethek is a coffee roastery, but since “micro” is taken then how should I call it…nano roastery? The thing is that all the coffees are being roasted on a 2kg Solar roaster in Lukas Niederhauser’s own living room.  He’s doing almost everything alone with his partner Rahel Graf helping  him in her free time. For now they are doing a good job, but they are looking for a place where they can expand.  Most of the coffees are from the German coffee sourcing company Amarella, specialized in working with microlots.

 Cafethek, Lukas Niederhauser

Lukas’s interest in coffee first makes him take a course in Vienna at the First Austrian Coffee Institute in 2007, sometime later he takes some coffee courses in Mannheim, Germany and since then hasn’t stopped learning about coffee. Now he is working on something like a family three of all the coffee varieties existing. I was lucky enough to get to see his project and to hear him talk about it…he is very passionate about what he do and I fully support people who have this spark.

Cafethek, Lukas Niederhauser

Something else that needs acknowledging is that he is for the acidity in the espresso and he tries not to make compromises with it when roasting coffee for sale. But it’s hard because Swiss people have grown up drinking Italian style espresso and acidity is something that has been very much frowned upon.



  1. What an interesting concept! Did you get a chance to look at any of his roasts? Did they seem to be sufficiently roasted on solar power alone? – Nate


    • Hi Nate 🙂
      as far as I know, Solar is the name of the roaster, it’s not the type of energy used.


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