TNT: Photos from the judges’ table

Last night we had a blast at Bar Sattler in Bern where the 14th  edition of the Swiss Thursday Night Throwdown Latte Art Competition was held! Awesome weather, awesome people, awesome patterns, a lot of beer and fun!

Again this time there was a record number of competitors – 46 (last time 42). I want to say thank you to all the organizers and supporters of the event  – Tito Huber, Felix and Benjamin Hohlmann,  Micha Flach and the team of Bar Sattler, Matthias Buehler, Martin Egger, Thomas Enzen, Oli Kehrli and many more people who I’m forgetting right now.

I was delighted to see so many new faces among the old coffee addicts dogs, special shout out to my personal favorites of the night – Ximena Rubio and Mathieu Theis! You did a very good job, hope to see more of you in the future!

And last but not least, after some very hard decisions (and some beer) as judges, me and Oli Kehrli decided that the winner is Daniel Fischer! Congrats!


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