The Espresso Sh*t

Sad but true…based on my experience, this is what you get in most of the restaurants and cafés in Switzerland.

And it’s funny, because only half a year ago I thought Switzerland is the better-espresso-servingcountry compared to my home country Bulgaria. But it seems I’m wrong. It is true I have learned a lot about coffee during this time and have developed my palate a bit, so my taste has changed, but now I’m not going to discuss taste, I am going to discuss preparation.

Okay, let me first explain what I’m talking about – for short, this is the badly extracted espresso, a shot that has not been pulled right. I’m not talking about Nordic style, lightly roasted, nor Italian style, very developed espresso, I’m not talking about anything that has to do with preferences, but for something that should be thought of in every coffee outlet – that’s cleanliness, consistency, efficiency and competence.

How I see the situation in Switzerland (and not only) is like this – coffee in almost every food and beverage outlet is being very often neglected. Cause No.1 for this would be that coffee is a commodity, therefore it is cheap. Everybody is used to drink it everyday, used to get it cheap, used to order a cafe créme…got the pattern? Unfortunately, this is how everything works, not just in coffee business – you get used to something while repeating it over and over again. Then the quality of the product diminishes (we’re talking again about coffee), because we start taking shortcuts or “the easy way” – pre-grinding coffee, not purging/cleaning the steamer, re-steaming milk, not taking proper care of the equipment etc. And all this

in the name of convenience

…such a pity, isn’t it. Whoever you are, if you own/manage an F&B outlet why not try to do it better? Why purchasing expensive equipment, but not training your staff to use it? Or you trained them and you think that’s enough? Keeping the standards is a constant battle with human nature. Because we people are always going the easiest way, searching for the immediate solution for every problem without thinking of the consequences. That’s normal and can be very daunting in a coffee shop setting, because there are a lot more factors that should be considered during work. You should set priorities and know your limits. You can’t let your shop be run

in expense of quality

Actually you can, but that’s another story. If a semi automatic espresso machine is not taken good care of, then better get a fully automatic one. There’s nothing wrong in that, it is just a different approach towards your business. And if you can explain why is that your choice, here you go, you just started knowing a bit more about it. You should always ask yourself why for every choice that you make. Everything should be thought of when you’re opening your own shop, because this is a big part of making it successful.



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