Workshop regarding terroir

I attended a workshop at the stand of Nespresso at World of Coffee about terroir and how it is affecting coffee’s tasting profile.

The workshop was developed and conducted by Massimiliano Marchesi, Coffee Ambassador responsible for the Italian Market.

So let me share my experience with you. We started of with tasting two different sparkling wines, from different regions with very different tasting profiles. No.1 was crispy, fresh and acidic, No.2 was sweet, not so acidic, with ripe fruit aromas. Compared them. Massimiliano was talking about how the grapes of No.1 were grown in a region with big temperature amplitudes and how this contributes to it’s acidity. Then we tried two different espressos (Nespresso capsules), both Colombian only different regions. No.1 was juicy, acidic and fresh, No.2 was bitter, rounded, with more roasty aromas. I personally think, it would have been better if the wine was not sparkling, because it numbs your taste buds, but you still get the point.

I enjoyed the workshop, because it gives a little bit light on coffee as a crop and a beverage. Educates the customer in a way. For many people coffee is just coffee and that’s it. I completely understand that, ignorance is bliss as people say, but for those being interested and even for those who have a potential interest in coffee we are the people who have to “give them a hand” and spread the knowledge. In that sense, conducting workshops like this is not only a good marketing tool, but also a helping hand in spreading awareness about this often overlooked commodity – coffee.

Now back to the workshop. So I want you to forget all your snobbish behavior because it won’t help and try evaluating it as it is (that’s what I said to myself). I did like espresso No.1 more – lighter body, pronounced acidity. Interestingly, when asked at the end of the workshop, all of the people (six with me) said they liked espresso No.2. I also asked Massimiliano after the workshop if this is the normal response from the people and he said most of the them like espresso No.2. That again shows how people are “programmed” to like something and to be honest I am not even sure if it comes really to individual taste here.

Have to go now, but this is something that will be discussed in the future.


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