Expo Center Rimini is hot

…not only because of the weather!

Today evening everything has to be ready for the 1st official day of World of Coffee and that’s a lot of work…a lot. Everything is getting shape little by little but you can feel there is tension in the air.

Me as a volunteer I’m helping with the judges calibration. This probably doesn’t tell you much, does it. What is happening is there are some baristi, who have agreed to present their shows to the judges, so the judges can evaluate their coffee and agree on what is bitter, what is sweet, what is smooth. It’s a big responsibility towards the competitors to make sure everyone from the judges evaluates the same way. You can think of it as “sensory tuning”.

Some of the baristi who have the opportunity to help with calibrating (it’s important to point out that these are NOT the national champions who are competing the next days) are Dale Harris of HasBean Coffee, Linnea Vannesj√∂ of Drop Coffee, Takayuki Ishitani, freelance barista, oh and Pete Licata too. I don’t want to stress on this so I’ll just say it is pretty exciting. I’m not allowed to post photos so you’ll just have to believe me!


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