A day with a Brewers Cup Champion

I had the amazing opportunity to visit Benjamin Hohlmann, Swiss Brewers Cup Champion 2014, who is in the process of preparing himself for the World Brewers Cup Championship in Rimini going to be held in conjunction with World of Coffee in less than two weeks!

At the Swiss Championships, I clearly remember being told not to miss Ben’s presentation, because “he is a true coffee geek”. And yes indeed, now that I had the chance to talk with him I can definitely confirm this statement. He’s also very active among the Swiss coffee people, he’s taking part in the organization of events like the TNTs, the annual Cup Tasting Championship of Basel and even the Aeropress Championship this year.

Benjamin Hohlmann

So when I met him, we talked coffee of course, but I also watched his presentation and tried his brew. It’s a beautiful Kenyan he picked after cup tasting at the origin with more than 70 coffees to choose from. The whole story of his coffee is enticing, but I don’t want to reveal too much. And with a risk to sound really cheesy I’ll say his presentation is nothing you have ever seen at Brewers Cup Championship before. It creates a specific synergy between the coffee, himself and the judges. But you’ll get what I mean when you see his show.

Make sure to watch his performance at the World Brewers Cup Championship starting on the 10th of June at around  2:23PM. It will be broadcasted on livestream.com . He will be the 10th presenting among 27th other national champions. Exciting yeah?


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