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Next destination – Stockholm!

Pardini Coffee Company

When I arrived in Stockholm I was impressed by the resemblance it had to Swiss cities bordering large lakes. Except with a touch of vodka and dash of hip punk. Architecture was conservative compared to Western Europe. Fashion and streets all in that same train as Berlin, Portland and Vancouver. To be honest if it wasn’t so fking cold in the winter, I would consider it an ideal place to live. But it wasn’t until I went into Drop Coffee that the entire scene made sense.

Three Kalitas aligned right in front of the head barista, dripping one of the finest coffees to come out of Central America in a year where leaf rust created catastrophes but those lucky enough to escape were blessed with magic. Tattoos, gourmet treats and a space that screams smooth design without yelling it too loud. Many might pass by the corner of their Mariatorget…

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The interview I’ve been talking about is finally here! I’ve had the pleasure to have a conversation with Ralf Rueller, proud owner of the specialty coffee roastery and shop The Barn in Berlin, Germany. This is not the typical coffee shop – there’s no music, no wifi, no kids running around, it’s an extraordinary place dedicated to specialty coffee, sharing the knowledge about it and building a community around it. Read the interview to find out what The Barn really is.


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Two days in Berlin, enough to do some coffee exploring and an interview with somebody I met in Rimini at the WoC. I’m not saying who’s this person yet, but the interview is damn interesting (we just finished talking) and I’m going to publish it latest next week.

As I am sitting in No Fire No Glory Kaffee Bar (and taking advantage of their free WiFi apparently) I’m thinking if I miss some of the more notable coffee places in Berlin. The Barn, Bonanza, Chapter One and Five Elephant are on my list, if there is something I’m missing feel free to message, comment, email, call…I’m open for recommendations 🙂