Some serious business coming

Yes, we’re talking about this year’s World of Coffee in Rimini, Italy.

Ah, Rimini…everyone will be at the event – baristas, roasters, traders, farmers, (my inspirations) and you won’t believe it – even consumers! There will be more than 200 exhibitors eager to show you their products or to introduce their causes to you. There won’t be a better place to be for a coffee lover, seriously, this is the Event of the year.

The event will be held from 10th to 12th of June at Rimini Expo Center in Rimini, Italy. One day ticket is 20 euro, a season pass is 30 euro. If you want to see their high-on-spoons-lady click here

World of Coffee 2014

There will be many “sub” events of World of Coffee and one of them will be the second annual World Roasters Summit (10th of June, 2pm-5pm, Tiglio Room 1). It’s best to book tickets for this one, because the spaces are limited. It looks very interesting, judging on the invited speakers:

– Godfrey Batte, Executive Director of the African Academy
– Dr Morten Muenchow – Researcher and Lecturer at the London Coffee School
– Julian Dixon – Commodity Broker
– Dr Aaron Davis – Head of Coffee Research at the Royal Botanic Gardens, UK

Cool, right? The last one especially sounds very…sophisticated. So yeah, the Roasters Summit gets my attention. There also will be the usual workshops organized as well as discussions. I want to be everywhere and to visit all of them! But we will see how everything is going to fit in my schedule, because as you might know there are also four World Championships to be held in conjunction with the fair – Ibrik, Roasting, Brewers and Barista. And I’m not going to be just visiting, but supporting Nina Rimpl, volunteering and blogging! Cannot wait!

    • Thanks Susan! I’m sure I will 🙂
      A lot of pictures and posts will be coming!


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