We all knew this would’ve come..

It’s time to say bye Bear Brothers and Cow, the one specialty coffee shop in ZurichYes, the time to tear down the building housing Bear Brothers has come. They knew, we knew, the elderly man from the neighboring shop, who’s a fateful regular, knew that too.

They are in the process of finding a new…den? And hopefully they’ll be back on board towards the end of the summer. This summer. After all, qui quaerit, reperit! And they are searching!

At the porch of Bear Brothers and Cow

At the door of Bear Brothers and Cow

Meanwhile, one of the Brothers, namely Kai Keong, has a World Aeropress Championship to compete in. I can see that he’s very serious about it and he’s practicing quite a lot, so that’s one more reason to be excited about this year’s championships. It’s going to be interesting in Rimini!

Anyway, Bear Brothers and Cow are having a closing party which is going to last for two days. Starting in the afternoon on the 23rd with a barbecue at the back of the shop, so bring what you want to bring, the guys will provide the beer. Then on the 24th the shop will be open for one last time, so be sure to come say good luck to Kai Keong for Rimini!

And who knows, their new location might be waiting somewhere to be found.

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