Many exciting things are about to happen on the Melbourne International Coffee Expo this week…

MICE is an amazing event, definitely worth the visit.  Four days (15-18 May), 150 exhibitors, Australian Barista Championship and the World Championships for Latte Art, Cup Tasting as well as Coffee in Good Spirits. Crazy! Unfortunately the event is out of my reach for the moment, but it’s sure I will attend in the future!


The people representing Switzerland at these world championships are André Gabriel, Swiss Latte Art Champion 2014 and Mathias Bühler, Swiss Cup Tasting Champion 2014. I wish them luck and I hope they’ll bring some medals to this side of the world, but we’ll see! This year in Switzerland we didn’t have Coffee in Good Spirits Championship, but who knows, maybe next year?

Have a good week everyone!


  1. I am blessed to be able to go. You got to go to London! Maybe we meet up in Rimini sometime!


    • That’s great Dizzy! You’ll be my eyes and years there 😀 Be sure to blog about it!
      Are you really coming to Rimini??


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