Brewing revelations: Coffee Grinding

Bodum Bistro electrical coffee grinder and why did I buy it.

I bought the Bodum Bistro coffee grinder, the same one I was given to practice at home before the aeropress championship. It’s fine…for a person with no income student. Especially when soon there are going to be two more coffee drinking people with me (Karla and Snehaa are coming back!) and exercising with a hand grinder takes just too much time.

The Bistro compared to the Porlex Mini I was using, is grinding quite evenly, with less variation in the coffee grounds. Just be sure to put the burrs properly, otherwise it grinds in all available sizes at once. Also it’s not recommended to grind more than 20 seconds at once, because the burrs get heated. But I don’t need this anyways.

The grinder itself has a conical burr and capacity of 220g. There’s quite the variation of grinds sizes and it says that it can even make it for espresso, but as I found out from reviews in the Internet it might work but only with a pressurized portafilter. A recommendation of mine would be, if you have an espresso machine at home – good, bad, whatever – the grinder is more important, so better invest in a good one. I’m not saying the Bistro is not good, is just not fit for espresso, nor for grinding lots of coffee at once.


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