Time for details!

What happened on the Austrian Barista Championship doesn’t want to stay only in Austria, apparently! Yesterday I found myself in Innsbruck for the Austrian Barista finals!

Among the people that were there I was happy to see some Swiss presence – the Swiss National Coordinator of the SCAE Heinz Trachsel was there as well as Micha Schranz of Latteart.ch and André Strittmatter of Hochstrasser who were respectively a technical and a sensory judge.

Six baristi made it to the finals, each one of them had to present their coffee – 4 identical espressi, 4 identical cappuccini and 4 identical signature drinks. The third prize went to Valentin Freyler with an Ecuador, who also won third place in taste cupping and brewers cup as well. Second place in the barista category was won by Nadja Mayrhofer with an Ethiopian Yirgacheffe.

The Austrian Barista Champion of 2014 is Sonja Zweidick with a coffee from Santa Ana, El Salvador!

Sonja Zweidick, 1st place

Sonja Zweidick, 1st place


From Sonja’s time on stage you could see that her routine was very much thought through. Her presentation was in English, which was very considerate, since there is only a month till the World Barista Championship in Rimini! Speaking of which, I will be there as a part of Nina Rimpl’s team and a volunteer as well! If you haven’t checked out her blog yet, now’s the time!





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