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…or where to get good coffee around here
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Currently in the process of reading everything on the Colonnaandsmalls blog…you can call it studying even. Extremely interesting (and very useful in my case) !


‘What does this cup of coffee taste like?’

To communicate about taste successfully it is essential to consider how flavours are most commonly perceived, bearing in mind the inherently variable nature of tasting and hopefully achieving the highest percentage of communication possible.

Many variables will affect this exchange – genetics, mood, previous experience, last food or drink consumed and so forth and so on.  It can very easily seem like an unattainable goal and there is a temptation to leave the tasting up to each individual – making of each coffee what they will.

A problem arises with the rarity of the flavours in speciality coffee and how they fit into the wider context of peoples coffee experiences.  If somebody has not tried a bright, citrus like espresso before or even a particular farm for instance, it may actually show a lack of understanding and service to just serve it…

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Mathias Bühler from Switzerland! Stunning results!

Mathias Bühler


Mathias Bühler from Switzerland grabbed the 6th place at the World Cup Tasting Championship part of the Melbourne International Coffee Expo 2014!  Congratulations!

Here are all the results:

WCTC 2014, Round 1

Round 1







The finals will be tomorrow, Sunday the 18th with a heat of four – USA, Netherlands, Finland and Taiwain! It’s going to be interesting!

Last Monday I made a little trip to Langnau in the canton of Bern, where Kafischmitte, Roger Wittwer’s coffee roastery, is located.  If you expect to see  signs  or  something that says “coffee is being roasted here”  you’re  terribly wrong.  You’ll  have to use your sense of smell to find it, believe me, you cannot mistake  the smell of freshly roasted coffee!

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