30th October – save the date!

Special announcement!

On the 30th of October 2014 the 3rd Cup Tasting Championship of Basel will take place!

The rules are as in every cup tasting competition – every participant will have to find the one different cup of coffee from a set of three, only by tasting. There will be many sets for each of the competitors to guess from and all this has to be done also for time, so the fastest of the participants, who has the most different cups guessed – wins.

The cool thing is that not only coffee drinkers can take part, but everyone who is interested in tasting – be it wine tasting, bier tasting, tasting in general. You just like good food? You’re more than welcome to join in this amazing sensory experience that coffee brings. Oh, did I mention that you don’t have to be Swiss to participate? How could I miss that! It would be awesome if more people take part. Germany, France, I’m looking at you at the moment, this time there’s no excuse!

The 3rd Cup Tasting Championships of Basel will be held in unternehmen mitte Kaffeehaus in Basel (obviously) on the 30th of October 2014. It’s Sunday and the tasting will start around 11AM. You can book your “starting” place on the announcement post in Die Kaffeemacher here for the small fee of 25CHF. Yes, there’s a lot of time till the end of October, but you know what? People already started registering (I heard something about 6 booked places already), so hurry up, the places are limited!


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