Take Heart, Barista of Little Faith

The coffee-passionated and incredibly talented Kate Gilmore writes about the fascinating world of coffee and how intimidating it really is. Excellent piece of writing and my exact feelings towards coffee!

Sure Thirsty

I can’t emphasize enough how intimidating coffee is. I risk redundancy by mentioning this again partially for the selfish reason that it helps to gives me a little calming perspective when I sigh the mantra with determination in coffee situations that feel out of my league, “I will never know everything about coffee.” This is a magically complex product with more history than some countries are old, endless potential for refinement and development, and hosts ever-more-talented professionals who also started their careers from scratch. Knowing that frees me up quite a bit to feel excited about my slowly developing role in that. I also reemphasize that coffee is intimidating in hopes that it serves as a humbling reminder to those coffee-jerks who tend to make you feel small for not knowing everything, and who never noticed the approachable culture of coffee comradery that has taken shape in our industry.


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