Careful! There’s a chemex in the bag!

I bet this sounds like a threat for most people, like chemex is a sort of a bomb or a gun, or I don’t know.

Today I was having something like a coffee training at work. Well, “training” is a very strong word to begin with, but I don’t know how to call it. I just brought some Moplaco beans and coffee brewing gear today and showed the colleagues how I brew “my” coffee. And I found out that when it comes to introducing specialty coffee to people I have some major difficulties with it. To be honest, I myself started understanding specialty coffee…definitely not from the beginning of my coffee passion. Let’s face it, there are many definitions for it and all of them are kind of blurry. I mean, talking about quality is just not enough. Today I had the chance to show and speak to some people about it, but I was just mumbling some unrelated sentences about quality of the bean, roasting and brewing. Very, very disappointing. The surroundings were not really helpful as well, but this experience made me think about the whole specialty coffee issue.

The role of a barista would be to “spread the love” for specialty coffee, to educate and maybe ignite some interest about the beverage in his/hers customers. I have never worked as a barista (yet), but from my humble experience in the Food & Beverage department providing customer service, I can say that every customer is different and has different needs. The job of the barista would be to assess this needs the best way possible. Some customers are more open for conversation than others, some are more curious than others, some just want to have a  coffee. Today at work, after I brewed my coffee and gave my colleagues to try, when I tried to speak to these people about it, I think I felt more of what is it like to be a barista. On one hand I had this opportunity to get more people into liking specialty coffee, on the other I kept thinking it’s a lost cause and I should better get together with some like-minded people, who at least are not going to throw strange glances at me when I’m slurping loudly. But seriously, many people are so ignorant, it’s just irritating. Why bother…more coffee for me.

I’m happy to say though, not everyone is like that. A friend of mine back in Bulgaria is trying some specialty coffee, in a recent Skype conversation she was telling me about it and when she came to the brewing method she said “uhmm…I don’t really remember, it was something like xerox”. Yeah, I laughed…but still, there’s a first for everything.


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