English cupping session

Two days ago, Tuesday night  to be exact, the public coffee cupping in Bear Brothers and Cow took place once again.  I’m saying once again, because I think this was also their intention – to make the public cupping sessions a tradition. And it’s definitely a good one. There are not many places in Switzerland, that organize public cupping sessions, if not any at all. But that’s going to change.

Bear Brothers and Cow

The Bear Brothers – Benny and Kai Keong – had brought for us a lot of beans from their recent trip to London. And when I say a lot, I mean alotalot. After Kai Keong’s  selection, because it should have been pointless to cup them all at once, we cupped seven different coffees, from seven different English roasters. All of them were washed, except for one natural. So it was useful for me to see the difference in taste connected to how the coffee was processed. So, these were the chosen ones:

  • Guatemala, La patrona, washed Pacamara roasted by Caravan Coffee
  • Nicaragua, Finca El Limon, washed Javanica roasted by Climpson&Sons
  • Colombia, La Predera, Cup of Excellence Lot 18, washed Caturra roasted by UNION hand-roasted coffee
  • Colombia, Finca la Esmeralda, washed Caturra and Bourbon roasted by Workshop Coffee Company
  • Burundi, Buziraguhindwa, washed Bourbon roasted by Notes
  • Ethiopia, Sidamo, washed Heirloom roasted by Mission Coffee Works
  • Brazil, Fazenda Rainha, this was the natural roasted by St.Ali (if I’m not wrong)

It was very interesting indeed. The one that I  really liked was one of the Colombians – La Predera, roasted  by UNION. It was very tea-like and had this crisp acidity that I really enjoy. Actually all of these coffees were kind of crisp and very aromatic, because they were all lightly roasted. It’s amazing how many more aromas you can catch in such beans.


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