Campesino Coffee, Zurich

Edit: Campesino Coffee Roasters changed their name to

Miró – Manufactura de Café

Last week I had the pleasure to visit one very young and promising company – Campesino Coffee Roasters. Which for the moment is Campesino Coffee RoasteR, since there’s only Daniel Sanchez who’s in charge, so to say. You might know him from the Swiss Barista Championships this year, where he took 5th place, which according to me is a big thing, despite of him saying he could have done better. Next year though he’s willing to compete in the Brewers Cup, which will be even more exciting because he’s going to roast his own coffee. Cannot wait!

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The roastery at the moment is located on Bederstrasse 85 in Zurich. The place is really tiny, actually it’s all that it’s seen in the pictures, right behind this self-service fuel dispensing station and it’s connected to a furniture shop. It has big  windows so you can easily take a look to see Dani doing his magic, in fact I was surprised to learn there are curious people brave enough to go and ask him what is he doing – lovely isn’t it?

At Campesino Coffee

5kg Probat

At Campesino Coffee

The sample roaster

As you probably have guessed yourself, we talked about coffee, about the industry, especially the local Swiss one, about quality. About the local coffee industry we were discussing that maybe for its development it’s good competitors to talk more between each other. And these are not only roasters, but baristi as well and even bloggers. Competition is competition, but for Switzerland to become a country with a flourishing coffee culture, Swiss coffee professionals should work in one direction. At the moment any direction is missing. But I prefer talking about this in another post.

Daniel Sanchez

Daniel Sanchez himself


As for coffee quality, here he said something that really stayed in my mind – like with most things in life it’s fairly easy to achieve eighty percent out of hundred, that means you get pretty decent results. The last twenty percent is usually very tough. The same is with roasting coffee – it’s not that difficult to achieve a decent quality, but to opt for perfection – now that’s hard. Dani clearly has got the guts to walk the way, that’s why I’m curious to try his coffee, especially when he gets to know his bigger 5kg Probat, which he said is probably going to happen next month, when some more coffee equipment is about to come.

I’ve got to say, it looks really romantic – a lone passionate coffee roaster, in a tiny workshop with vintage furniture (which is for sale, because of the shop), conveniently snuggled behind a gas station. The whole picture looks intriguing, like it’s taken from a movie. My expectations towards Campesino Coffee are high. I’m really looking forward to trying their coffee.






It might look romantic

  1. massimo said:

    Looking forward to try!! Good Luck with the start-up!


  2. It takes a lot of courage (and money) to live this dream. Those Probats are expensive! Hats off to him! Will love to see a follow up post on Campesino Coffee.


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