Coffeempressions, London, part 1

These are some of the coffee bars I visited while in London – city that has an ever-expanding coffee scene full of coffee shops and roasteries all of them different from each other –  from the coffee beans used to the way their interior is designed. There’s more to selling good coffee and no matter how we put it, interior design is a big contributor to number of sales you make, looks just matter. You have to be absolutely clear about your concept when designing a coffee shop, you want your message to get to the other side of the counter and this happens with a lot of planning and preparing.

So, here are the coffee shops with my impressions in no particular order:

Caravan King’s Cross – this actually is a restaurant then a café and a roastery. The place is huge, as it was used for a granary in the past. I had a Tanzania, Blackburn estate clever dripper for 3.50£, but it was a bit too extracted for my taste. What I loved though is that information about the beans they roast is very detailed and accessible. The roasting area though wasn’t accessible, but still you can take a sneak peak if you want.

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Workshop Coffee Co. –  I visited their café on Clerkenwell Road, which is also a very busy restaurant and a roastery, with the difference that I felt this place much closer to coffee than Caravan. It was Sunday morning and people were already queuing to have brunch. Yes, it was quite busy, but there was a seat at the bar, which I immediately occupied, but only after I looked around the venue.  The place looks really cool – brick walls, wooden floor, at the back, where the kitchen is, there’s the roaster, which can be approached, but still is somehow separated from the café. There at the back is a two story glass ceiling, the walls are white except for one of them which is transformed into a hanging garden.

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I had an aeropress of Finca La Esmeralda from Huila,Colombia for 4£ and I really enjoyed it. What I find interesting was that the coffee for the brew bar was already portioned in something like capsules of 17grams, which increases the efficiency of the employees quite a bit. Because it’s easier to just take a dose, weighing takes a lot of time, and believe me in a busy place like this, time is important.

Prufrock Coffee – I went on Leather Lane one evening for something like a launch party for Victoria Arduino’s Black Eagle at which James Hoffman came and…the fangirl in me took over.

Me and James Hoffmann

Sorry, I couldn’t keep myself from posting it. Anyway! My impressions from Prufrock are good. Interesting things about the design…well there were having quite a lot of framed cutlery on the walls, which I found interesting, too bad I don’t have any photos of them.



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